Pneumatic Tool

Blowguns for all cleaningpurposes

High quality is a matter of course when we present to you the JWL Air Boy blowguns. The Air Boy has become a classic – a perfect synthesis of stylish design and high efficiency makes it easy to use and reliable.
The Air Boy has been thoroughly tested by thousands of pro-fessionals over the years-we have supplied blowguns since the 1970s and always focused on efficiency and reliability. The blowguns are made of high-quality plastic materials that re-markably prolongs service 
life at both high and low temperatures. Service life is top-notch – even after 25 millions of operations.
JWL has the widest range of blowguns in the world – we are able to supply blowguns for all purposes to match your exact requirements. So whether you prefer the classic standard model or the more sophisticated, silent and unblockable safety blowgun, we have just the model for you.
The most copied blowgun today 
JWL design is a classic in itself. We use compressed air to ease the use of the handle; the handle is always soft and pleasant to hold and never cools during use. We are proud of our design and of the fact that the JWL Air Boy is the most copied blowgun at present.
JWL Air Boy blowguns are suitable for all blow-off, cleaning and drying purposes in all sectors of industry where compressed air is used, including the metal and woodworking industries, car workshops and agriculture.


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